It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of mindfu-kbooks.

This venture has been many years in the making, at least in my head, and is a result of countless ideas, cogitations and premonitions. Launching a book publisher, rather selfishly, is something I have always wanted to do; purely to satisfy my curiosity and passion for books and writing.

I must start by saying that the books I intend to publish, particularly ones I have written, won’t be for everybody’s taste.

Taking that position is somewhat liberating because it means that I choose to publish the books based on the passion of my own, as well as that of others. Our books are free to challenge expectations and assumptions. And with that, I hope to attract other authors and creators to join me to publish books that are open-minded and free from the burden of conformity.

I intend to publish a book of my own creation at least once every three months. As you can no doubt tell from that statement, I am an avid writer. The process helps me develop strong mental health and a curious outlook on life.

I hope you can join me in the journey!

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